Monday, December 02, 2002


Want to end those annoying telephone calls made by telemarketers and bill collectors. Do it with this amazing online telezapper. Yes, you too can convert your telephone answering machine into an amazing telezapper that will zap off telemarketers and bill collectors! And you can screw Radio Shack besides! Just go to this month's Monthly Freebie at Frank's Freebies where you will find the link to our free online telephone zapper!

The telezapper works by sending out a signal to the telemarketer's computer telling it you no longer exist. It then hangs up and deletes your name from its file. Our online version contains not just the needed signals but also funny messages that you can put on your answering machine. This is all great fun and useful besides. In addition I have added even more telephone zapper messages to the Fast Track P2P network that you can access by downloading KazaaLite.

This is my Xmas present to you! I just had a great idea! Instead of spending money on a Xmas present to friends and family, just send a card and write inside that their present is located at and when they go to this website they will find the Telezapper!

I also want to call your attention to the fact that I have changed servers for my Main Menu page. This means that when you go to my web page you will be taken to the server. All of this will occur automatically but you will notice that there will be no pop-ups--hopefully--to annoy you and slow you down!

Have a nice day!
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